Title Insurance - Closing on Your Home

With negotiations finalized, mortgage loan approved, and insurance services selected, it is now time to sign all the paperwork to close the deal on your new home. Your escrow agent or title officer will receive instructions from your lender concerning all paperwork needed to consummate the deal. You have three tasks ahead of you:

  • Set an appointment to sign all the paperwork
  • Review the Closing Disclosure prior to your appointment
  • Bring all necessary documents and monies to the appointment


Set the Closing or Signoff Appointment



Your escrow or closing agent will arrange a time for the closing or signoff that is convenient for all parties who must sign the final documents. Most often, the final paperwork is reviewed and signed at the title or escrow office, but the closing may take place at other locations under certain circumstances and subject to certain regional limitations. Contact your Lennar Title office to determine what options are available.

Review the Closing Disclosure


The closing agent and lender together will prepare a Closing Disclosure, which is a statement that details your actual closing costs. You must review it prior to the closing. By law, the Closing Disclosure must be provided to youthree days prior to closing.

REVIEW THIS DOCUMENT THOROUGHLY. It is vitally important to review the document and to compare it to the original Loan Estimate you received from your lender. The closing costs should be very similar to the original estimate. If you see any errors or have concerns about variations in prices between the two documents, report them immediately.



Required by Lender.


with signature for all parties (must be a U.S. driver’s license, U.S. ID card, or U.S./foreign passport)

ANY MONIES required at closing.


Lennar Title will accept a personal check up to $500 made payable to Lennar Title.


Funds over $500 and up to $25,000 can be in the form of a cashier’s check payable to Lennar Title, or any amount can be wired. In some states, funds in this amount can only be wired. Your Lennar Title representative will give you instructions.


If funds are to be wired, contact Lennar Title for wiring instructions. Phishers and hackers are a threat to real estate transactions. Be suspicious of any emails you receive from your agent, lender or title agent with last-minute changes or hurry-up requests that demand you click on a link. Never respond to suspicious emails. Pick up the phone and call your service provider to verify all questionable requests.

Please allow sufficient time for the closing process, as there are many documents you will be required to sign. Your Lennar Title agent will walk you step by step through the process, explaining each item in your mortgage package before asking you to sign.


Call your local Lennar Title team if you have any questions before the closing or signoff.