Erica Osborne

Erica Osborne Managing Escrow Officer NMLS #


Fresno Branch

Main Office: 559.225.1761

7555 N Palm Avenue Suite 210
Fresno, CA 93711

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I have been in the escrow industry for almost 19 years. I started at an independent escrow company here in Fresno and stayed there until they closed in 2016. Fresno Escrow Inc. formally Town & Country Escrow Corp specialized in Bulk Sales and Mobile Homes. I would also handle any real property that went along with said business/mobile home or just escrow only transfers.

When I joined Placer Title in 2016 I started to break into the resale world a little more. So now I have a few regular resale agents along with mobile home and bulk sales. The bulk sale world is a whole different animal and before joining Placer I had to travel up north to interview with their entire legal counsel team who was throwing every situation at me to see how I would handle it. Fortunately I passed with flying colors. After 2 years with Placer left to follow Jason Heintz here to try and rebuild the North American name. I was recently named Managing Escrow Officer. I offer my clients years of expertise to be able to handle any problems that may arise. I’ve handled escrow from all of the state of CA.

Fresno Branch



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